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  • Environmental Fact Sheet

Downtown Toronto Hotel Green Initiatives 

With a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, the InterContinental Toronto Centre continually strives to further reduce our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. We commit to improving our everyday operations that coincide with strong environmental management practices with the maintenance of quality service and meeting our guest expectations. This will be achieved by minimizing water, energy, consumption, and waste production. The information listed below highlights our successes to date. A Green Engage Team with members from all departments of the hotel meets and coordinates the hotel's environmental initiatives on a regular basis. For more information on our responsibility, contact us.
Intercontinental Toronto Centre Energy Effeciency

Energy Effeciency

  • Office machines have automatic standby and sleep modes
  • After hours nightly walk through of administrative areas to ensure all lights are off
  • Energy efficient lighting has been installed throughout the hotel (guestrooms, public areas and back of house)
  • Floor shutdowns on low occupancy dates
  • Exterior hotel signage has been changed to low voltage LED
Water Effeciency by Intercontinental Toronto Centre, Ontario

Water Effeciency

  • All guestrooms have low flow shower-heads and energy efficient toilets and faucets
  • All public washrooms have automatic flushers and hands free faucets
  • Cold water laundry is utilized where appropriate
Resource Conservation at Intercontinental Toronto Centre

Resource Conservation

  • Old lines and towels are reused as cleaning rags
  • Administrative areas recycle all paper products and strive to reduce the amount of printing
  • Conservation for Tomorrow Program & Option Towel Program are in place in guestrooms (guests have the
  • option of daily linen and/or changes)
  • Blue bins are located in all 586 guestrooms and meeting rooms
  • All batteries, air-conditioning filters, printer cartridges and light bulbs are recycled
  • Electronic reader boards are in place
  • A rainwater conservation program is in place for the herb garden terrace
  • Exterior plants are chosen for their minimum water requirements
  • State of the art "food digester" is used for compostable food products which lessens materials being sent offsite
  • Leftover shampoo and toiletry items are donated to a charitable organization
Intercontinental Toronto Centre, Ontario Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention

  • Practise waste management to increase our diversion rate
  • Yearly staff training on hazardous materials labelling and handling, including MSDS for all chemicals
  • Emergency Response Plan is in place
  • Spill clean-up kits and safety equipment are available throughout hotel
  • Separate ventilation systems for pool, laundry and chemical storage areas
  • Pool and jacuzzi water has been converted from chlorine to naturally occurring chlorine through salt
  • Toxic free cleaning products are used
  • Non disposable cups, plates, glasses and cloth napkins are used in the restaurant and banquet areas
Sustainability Commitment from Intercontinental Toronto Centre

Sustainability Committment

  • Hotel has its own herb garden with rainwater harvesting system
  • Hotel is committed to purchasing locally grown produce and ingredients
  • FSC certified materials are used
  • Azure Restaurant & Bar supports sustainable produce
  • Energy Star qualified electrical equipment is in place
  • Hotel is working with vendors who have their own environmental program in their workplace and ensures
  • Maximum compliance.
  • Green Key Eco-Rating Program - 4 Key Certified
  • Hotel Environmental Program is mandated by IHG for all hotels to be compliant by 2014